Monday, July 6, 2009


The calls were occasionally brief - often just an update on her medical condition. Other times we speculated about politics and cheered for our team. We shared opinions about books and movies. We reminisced about our childhood, the years growing up in Brooklyn. We spoke about our children and our grandchildren.

A simple phone call every day, touching base with a sister who knows and understands, a person who shares the same sense of humor. She was the brave one, fighting with all her might against the illnesses she endured for more than fifteen years.

Her daughter Carol told those gathered at the church service that her mother’s favorite movie was Harold and Maude, a story of a love between an 80-year-old woman and a young man. When Maude decides she’s lived long enough and Harold argues that she mustn’t go because he loves her too much, Maude says “That’s great, Harold. Now you must go and love some more.”


  1. I really came to feel as if I knew Nan from all the stories you told about her over the years. Thank you for sharing your sister with me!

  2. Barbara - I just discovered this. It's lovely. Boy, I really miss her.


  3. That's a great picture of Nan. I miss her too.