Sunday, October 11, 2009

Clotheslines flap blowing stronger

Am I hung up on clotheslines? Yep. If you're interested in reading the latest in the clotheslines controversy you might want to see the article in the October 11 edition of The New York Times.

Here’s an excerpt from the article.
“Driven in part by the same nostalgia that has restored the popularity of canning and private vegetable gardens, the right-to-dry movement has spawned an eclectic coalition.

“The issue has brought together younger folks who are more pro-environment and very older folks who remember a time before clotheslines became synonymous with being too poor to afford a dryer,” said a Democratic lawmaker from Virginia, State Senator Linda T. Puller, who introduced a bill last session that would prohibit community associations in the state from restricting the use of “wind energy drying devices” — i.e., clotheslines.

"At least eight states already limit the ability of homeowners associations to restrict the installation of solar-energy systems, and legal experts are debating whether clotheslines might qualify.”


  1. Land of the Free we are not, if you can't even hang clothes outside to dry without risk of a fine. Crazy.

  2. I cannot imagine a world without clothes lines. Here are some photos I took in Venice in 2004, along with others I've taken of my own clothesline.

  3. What wonderful photos, Landra! Thank you for sharing them.