Saturday, November 7, 2009

Glory at any price?

Disclaimer: I’ve not been a huge sports fan since the Dodgers left Brooklyn. But I understand the baseball fever that hit millions during the recent World Series. Yet I wonder when is it all too much? Or is it ever too much?

Today I saw a Bloomingdale’s ad for limited editions of a 3” Yankees baseball made of Waterford crystal for $165; a Yankees 9” baseball player made of Waterford crystal for $190; and a Yankees 3” baseball cap made of Waterford crystal for $170.

Am I a Scrooge? Someone who doesn’t appreciate a fan’s ecstasy? Or, aren’t there more sensible ways to commemorate the victory? A T-shirt perhaps? I guess I just don’t understand.


  1. There will always be fans and there will always be collectors. I am neither. However, your post brings to mind a story told by a friend who lived in the same NYC apartment building as Itzhak Perlman.

    The Perlmans moved into an apartment once occupied by Babe Ruth. Their 4-year-old son, Noah, was very excited and asked his father if he thought maybe Babe Ruth had left something there.

    Itzhak took an old baseball, scuffed it all up, and hid it behind a radiator in Noah's room. Noah eventually found it and was beside himself with joy.

    Unfortunately, I do not know what happened after that, but assume that Noah must have at some point learned the truth, and I further assume that he's long ago forgiven his father.

  2. This is a comment from Kathy...........

    Yes, it does seem a bit silly to have a Waterford crystal baseball!! The purpose of a ball is to be thrown, isn't it?

    You got me thinking of the Dodgers. I remember when they won the World Series (must have been mid fifties). I remember all the kids running home from school to catch some of it on tv. And then for the last game, we got the afternoon off. My mother kept the front page of The Daily News and I think the headline said in big bold print something like "DE BUMS DID IT".

    Dodger fans were amazing. Everyone in Brooklyn supported them - no matter what age. Louise and I used to go to Ebbets Field to the games and then wait outside afterwards to get the autographs of the players When they moved to LA it was such a traumatic event. I haven't felt the same way about a team since.

  3. Do you remember when Harry O'Reilly and (Don?) broke into Ebbets Field after the world series win and stole first base? Wonder what ever happened to the base?