Friday, November 27, 2009

“What goes around, comes around.”

Every January 2nd, January 24th and April 6th for years, my three children could expect to hear from me the story of the day they were born. My delight in retelling the events of those days ended before they became teenagers, however.

That’s when I began to hear “You already told me about it. You tell us every year.” I was crushed. To me, those three days were the most special days of my life and I loved reliving those moments.

On my granddaughter Maeve’s sixth birthday this month, Trish started to tell her the story of the day she was born. Without missing a beat, Maeve piped up with “You told me all about that last year.”

I guess it’s only when you become a parent yourself that you recognize why your own parents felt certain stories were so meaningful.