Saturday, February 27, 2010

Conservative and liberal attorneys join together to present the case for same-sex marriage

Every Saturday morning, my sister Nan would ask me if I’d watched Bill Moyers the previous night. No, I’d say, I forgot to tune in. Then Nan would tell me about the guests and the interesting discussion and how it was too bad I missed it.

So now, I’m telling you that if you missed Bill Moyers Journal on PBS on February 26th, I urge you to go to the website to see two well-known attorneys, Ted Olson, a conservative, and David Boies, a liberal, in a comprehensive and sane discussion of the case for same-sex marriage.

“The two lawyers, both veterans of multiple Supreme Court cases, have mounted a well-financed legal challenge to Proposition 8, California's 2008 ballot initiative that put an end to same-sex marriage in that state. The case could make it as far as the Supreme Court and define the debate on same-sex marriage for years to come,” according to Moyers.

Basically, Olson and Boies explained, it’s a matter of the constitutional right of all Americans to marry. The attorneys equated their arguments to those that did away with laws against inter-racial marriage and the right of prisoners to marry.

As Olson says, “Over our history, the voters have decided, because they get passionate about certain things, and they may not like certain minorities. Minorities are disfavored. Blacks have been denied the right to vote. California prohibited Chinese, a Chinese person from having any kind of business in California, or getting married. Those kind of votes are not acceptable if they violate fundamental constitutional rights.”