Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Going to the movies every Saturday was a ritual while I was growing up during the 1940s. Movies were my main source of entertainment besides the radio and so they became a big part of my life.

One of the actresses who emerged during that era was Elizabeth Taylor. Beautiful and talented, she went on to make movies for decades afterwards. Unfortunately, her private life garnered headlines too - her many husbands and her serious illnesses over the years.

She was also a philanthropist, and a great supporter of amfAR, a coalition of the National AIDS Research Foundation and the AIDS Medical Foundation.

In 1981, I had the opportunity to see her on Broadway in The Little Foxes and like a star-struck teenager, I waited outside the stage door to see one of the idols of my youth.

Elizabeth Taylor died this morning. She was 79.

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  1. She was quite a woman, both professionally and personally. Thanks for posting this and for displaying a picture of her in her prime.