Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Long-Ago Thanksgiving

For the past week, some of my McGowan cousins have been visiting New York from Ireland and Australia.  As people tend to do, we cousins thought about some of the celebrations of the past. One of those was the Thanksgiving dinner hosted each year by my cousin John "Jack" Hildemann.  The entire family gathered each November at The Roost in Newark. It was always a wonderful day seeing family members. Jack also made sure there was some form of entertainment for the children.

Here is a somewhat faded photo taken at one of these celebrations. I would guess the year to be about 1970.

(L-R) Patricia Kowalski, Rita Field (seated), Mary Hildemann, unknown girl, Barbara Backus Kowalski, Ed Mahoney, John Hildemann, Peter McGowan, Kathleen McGowan (somewhat hidden).

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