Monday, January 20, 2014

Update: Return of the Subway Woman

 She wasn't there on January 2nd, but I hadn't expected her to be. The police had ousted the little old Chinese woman from the subway underpass in December and I didn't think she would return. But last week as I approached the corner where she usually sat, I was surprised to see her huddled next to the newsstand. 

 "I didn't expect to see you," I said.  She just gave me a toothless smile and said "thank you" as I gave her my donation.

The musicians have returned, too. I wonder if they and the woman were given tacit permission to return. Perhaps the directives to the NYPD and MTA to eject them from the subways were meant to "improve" New York's image during the Christmas season and shield the tourists from seeing what are typical scenes in the city.  

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