Thursday, September 11, 2014

The British Are Coming (to Broadway)

In a few weeks, I am going to see "Indian Ink," a play by Tom Stoppard at the Roundabout Theatre. My main reason is to see the luminous British actress Romola Garai. While most of the press focuses on the other actress, Rosemary Harris, who is well-known on both sides of the pond, it is Garai that I wish to see perform.

As one who watches a lot of British television, I have become familiar with this wonderful young actress and have often wondered why she is not as well-known here in the states as some other British actors.

One of my resolutions this year is to get tickets for shows which feature the actors who are well-known for being at the top of their game.  This, after missing Philip Seymour Hoffman in "Death of a Salesman," Cherry Jones in "The Glass Menagerie," and Audra McDonald in "Porgy and Bess."   Luckily, I had another opportunity recently to see the magnificent McDonald as the legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday in "Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill."

Coming up in the spring are two more of my favorite British actors:  Carey Mulligan who I did get to see in "The Seagull"  in 2008 and Bill Nighy in "The Vertical Hours" in 2006.  They're coming to Broadway in "Skylight," a play by David Hare which had a sold-out engagement in London.

I have always loved the theatre as evidenced by my 15 binders filled with Playbills beginning with my first show,"The King and I," in 1952.  I guess I'm as eager to see great performances live as sports devotees wish to have tickets to see their favorite teams play in person.