Sunday, August 7, 2016

Isn't Applause Enough?

Or perhaps a deserved “bravo”?

Every audience, it seems to me, has its screamers. If they yell and strain their vocal chords to their maximum level at the end of a performance or when a performer takes a bow, it’s not as bad as when it’s done while the show goes on.

Last night at a performance of “Aladdin, Jr.” put on by a regional children’s theater group and in which my two grandchildren had parts in the ensemble, I was sitting directly in front of a family whose child had a speaking role.  Each time he finished a line or a scene the family let out ear-piercing screams!  And they talked throughout the show.
Screaming, it seems, is now de rigeur.

 Yes, you may call me old-fashioned but it’s not polite or correct to ruin another person’s experience. And, yes, I know times have changed. People now wear shorts to Broadway shows. They munch candy or whisper comments to their companions. They don’t dim their cell phones, so even if they’re turned off, the bright light is an interference.

Yes, I admit some of my opinions may be considered old-fashioned. However, it is not old-fashioned to ruin someone else’s experience during a performance because you think you are entitled to act upon your own wishes.

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